◆Easy Experience ¥500 *You can experience an easy lesson for Shamisen or Japanese Sword, and try on Armor clothes.
◆Viewing A Stage PWYD (Please pay what you decide.) *The stage includes performances of sword dancing, Shamisen, Japanese drum and so on (40 minutes).
◆Traditional Clothes Experience *The photograph taken by our photographer is included.
*The number of photo data and printed photograph differs depending on each course. Please check HERE for more detail.
◇Armor Clothes ¥6000~  
◇Samurai / Ninja Clothes ¥3000~  
◇Oiran Clothes ¥5000~  
◆Omotenashi Performance(15 minutes) ¥1000 per person *Basically the performance is for 10 persons or more.
*For less than 10 persons, the fee is ¥10000.
*The contents are changed every day.

◆Bento/Lunch box (Reservation only)
The main menu is Oshizusi (Kanazawa traditional cuisine).
*The reservation must be made 3 days in advance.
*The reservation is possible from 10 boxes or more.

Ashigaru Bento ¥800 Karo Bento ¥1,500 Tonosama Bento ¥2,000
bentou3 bentou2 benntou1

We offer drink such as Macha (Japanese green tea) at Café space on the third floor.
You can enjoy the view of Kenroku Garden and Kanazawa Castle (also it is possible to offer the Omotenashi performances at the same place.)

Macha set ¥500 
*Sweets are changed every day.